How To Name Your Baby Properly

How To Name Your Baby Properly

Congratulations! Choosing a name for your child is one of the most exciting tasks of a lifetime.

It can also be confusing and overwhelming as it seems everyone will have an opinion, and there are just so many names to choose from.

You may not know where to begin. Well, that is what “ Baby Names: How to Name Your Baby Properly ” is here to help you with.

Not only will you be able to peruse through thousands of boys and girls names, but you will also learn the meaning of each name and where it originated from.

You might want to choose a name whose meaning holds special significance for the dreams you have for your baby ’ s life or choose a name from where your family originated from as a way to honor your culture.

There is no right or wrong in choosing a name, but there are timely suggestions that will help you.

The first one that will help you immediately rule out a lot of names is to consider what NOT to name your child.

How to know what NOT to name your baby:

Consider your baby ’ s last name. If your last name is Bush, you may not want to name your daughter “ Rose ” for example.

With this in mind, always write out a full name when making a list of possible choices for your baby.

Ask yourself if the name is going to be too hard to spell and how frustrating it would be for your child to go through life correcting the spelling of their first name all the time.

Consider if the name is going to be too hard to pronounce.

Similar to having to correct the spelling of a name, your child will probably not want to go through life always having to explain how to say their first name to everyone they meet.

Factor in how cruel children can be and avoid choosing a name that has a high risk of teasing or bullying.

This could mean different things depending on where you live. For instance, in the Midwestern United States, naming a boy “ Sherry ” might lead him into a life of constantly having to defend himself.

Choosing a name that will be perfect throughout your child ’ s lifetime will be one that is easy to spell, easy to pronounce and will fit into whatever you dream for his or her future.

Knowing the meaning of the name will best help you with that. For example, if you want your child to be strong, choosing a name such as Brian might be perfect.

Another important consideration is how much you will enjoy hearing and saying your child ’ s name.

Many parents joke about how they think they say their children’s s names at least a million times a week.

With that in mind, repeat the name out loud over and over for a few days. If you still love it, then it might be the perfect name for your baby.

Other considerations when choosing your baby ’ s name:

Your community. While a heavily diversified urban area has greater freedom in choosing unusual names, if you live in a smaller community your child may suffer if you choose a name that doesn ’ t fit in well with the more common names.

What the initials will spell. For instance, if your last name is Darby, you may not want to name your child Sarah Ann and have her go through her childhood with S.A.D. for her initials.

Nicknames that will be chosen. While you may love the name Abigail, you may not want to hear your child being referred to as “ Gabby ” her entire life. (No offense to the Gabby ’ s of the world).

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Congratulations again and best wishes as you choose the perfect name for your child. The name you choose will become a part of your family ’ s legacy.

Remember to carefully consider the name as it sounds with your last name, what the initials will be and how it will fit into the community you are raising your child in.

Also, take at least a few days say the name you are considering out loud over and over again to see if you still love it as much as when you said it that first time.

Consider the spelling and how easy it is to pronounce and if there will be any possible nicknames.

By the time you have finished your careful considerations, you will have a name that your baby will grow into perfectly and you will also cherish deeply for the rest of your life.